Our companies

These are the teams who make it happen

Kontist is the first banking app exclusively for freelancers.

Kontist.comOpen positions

Pleo is a simple spending solution for your company.

Pleo.ioOpen positions

Duuoo helps managers to get the most out of their team members.

Duuoo.ioOpen positions

Maguru provide a simple solution to market your business online.

Maguru.dkOpen positions

Son of a Tailor is the world’s first online T-shirt tailor.

Sonofatailor.comOpen positions

Snappcar help your rent a shared car in your neighbourhood.

SnappCar.dkOpen positions

Our playground


Workspaces for your slack team. Run better meetings, in person and remote.



Design your bot dialog, test copy, add attachments and share with your dev team.



I keep track of what’s shared by your team so you can stay focused on work.



Wolf is a sms service that handles everything. Roses, take-away food...



Every friday we ask you what you worked on. Next monday we send a report to your team.


Experiment and lead products with the support of the Founders team

Hacker in residence

Copenhagen , Denmark

We love working with talented people and there’s always room at Founders for the right profile who wants to explore a shared interest along with us.

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