Modern co-living with a Nordic feel.

Live in a beautiful, fully furnished apartment with awesome people.

All over the world people are moving into cities to live and work. At the same time, we have become more mobile, moving around to follow dreams, opportunities and love.

And yet, the real estate market has not evolved from the days where the majority of people lived and owned a place in the cities they were born in.

Even today, in this easy information world, finding a place to stay in a new city can be a big pain.

LifeX was created with the mission of making it easier to be a global citizen, helping people find a place to stay and build a warm social circle everywhere they need to go.

We see LifeX as the future of urban living.

Zero to traction

  • Winter 2016

    At Founders we are struggling to find accomodation in Copenhagen for the different team members we are hiring. We rent a large apartment and start thinking about solving this pain at a bigger scale.

  • February 2017

    Partnered with Ritu and Sune who felt the problem themselves when moving back from San Francisco to Copenhagen and have been thinking about building a new company to tackle this challenge.

  • Summer 2017

    The first Lifex apartment goes live in Copenhagen.

  • Summer 2018

    Cherry Ventures joins the LifeX journey by leading the seed round

  • Autumn 2020

    LifeX adds EUR6m fresh funding in a round led by Founders with Cherry Ventures and Vaekstfonden participating

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Meet the founders

Founders Stories – Meet the couple rebuilding the future of urban living. Sune and Ritu met working in product at Tradeshift in San Francisco.

Ritu Jain is co-founder and COO of LifeX. She was previously head of product at Peakon and before that started a YC-backed ed tech startup.

Sune Theodorsen was previously head of product at Airtame and has also run his own design company before.

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