Beers, Peers, Cheers!

April 13, 2018

Every Friday at 4.30pm we gather with some nice drinks and tasty snacks to hear what everyone's built this week! Here's an overview of what goes down:

Demo Time 

Showing tangible things which have been built / finished during the week. That might include:

  • new features
  • new design concepts
  • new landing pages
  • new playbooks
  • a new kind of campaign / growth hack
  • General status updates on your project / work are not encouraged

Wins of the week 

Quick round where each team can announce wins that they have had this week

  • Big new customer
  • KPI target reached

Deep Dive 

Optional slot for a deeper dive into a specific company looking for feedback from the Founders family.  This is the place to present (and ask for feedback):

  • shifts in positioning
  • shifts in stage
  • call for help with sales / marketing

Email if you'd like to attend!

Upcoming events

More events coming soon! In the mean time, follow what we're up to here!