CPH local elections: breakfast briefing (in English!)

November 10, 2017

Cities are the future, but what's the future of this city?

Copenhagen is preparing for local elections on Nov 21st. EU citizen and other expats with the right to vote make up nearly 15% of voters in Copenhagen but are mostly not informed about what’s at stake. There is very little information in English about what the different candidates stand for and many foreign nationals living in the city don't even know they can vote.

That’s why we are organising a small round table discussion (in English!) with a few candidates representing the different parties and political views.

Join us at Founders Friday 10th of November at 8.30am to learn where each of them stand on housing, mobility, tech-regulation and other topics that touch all of us.


Karen Melchior (Radikale)Danny Malkowski (Liberal Alliance)Niels E. Bjerrum (Socialdemokratien)

Why we're doing it

As the traditional nation state loses relevance, cities are becoming increasingly important. 75% of the world population lives in cities and cities represent an increasing share of the global economic growth.

Cities are also becoming more diverse and cosmopolitan. People keep moving abroad for work and many end up settling. Copenhagen is a great example of this trend and one we're living at Founders, which is home to 20+ nationalities.

Upcoming events

More events coming soon! In the mean time, follow what we're up to here!