January 25, 2018

We're looking forward to welcoming the JTBD CPH gang to host a meetup at Founders Thursday 25th January!

Time: 5-8pm

Sign up here: https://www.meetup.com/jtbd-cph/

Here's what to expect:

Bright people like you are getting together to share ideas, examples and tools to upgrade — not replace — their approach to service design, product strategy, marketing and customer research. Let’s talk :)

## Program

### 17:20 Welcome to Founders, Stefano Zorzi

### 17:20 Intro, Casper (Organiser)
Since I invited, it’s probably wise to say a few words :)
- 5 core principles of #JTBD, explained
- Quick examples of companies using Jobs
- Overview of approaches/frameworks: Switch, ODI and others.

### 17:40 Topics, round 1
Group discussions to explore different approaches and how people work with Jobs (or want to). I’ll prepare a few examples for each topic, and we can then discuss and share different approaches. Everyone is invited to pitch in, but here are some ice breakers from previous feedback:

- Jobs theory is an amazing lens, but there’s a real lack of insights on practical application of the framework
- Interview techniques from JTBD (eg. mapping ”the switch”) seems to be a hot topic
- everyone is looking to get (even) better at discovery and understanding of desired outcomes, wants and needs
- We want better ways of collecting and sharing insights, so that everyone in the organisation truly understands how and why customers hire us in the first place
- We’re looking for a solid framework to validate our assumptions and quantify results from new approaches, especially where previous data might not exist

### 18:30 Light food, drinks and mingling

### 19:00 Topics, round 2

### 19:40 Wrap-up: Next meetup — format, ideas, topics?

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