Nordic Growth Hackers x Techfestival (Copenhagen)

September 7, 2017

As part of Techfestival we'll be hosting the Nordic Growth Hackers community at Founders on Thursday 7th September, kicking off at 5pm and finishing up at 7.30pm

In their own words, here's what to expect!

Meet the Nordic Growth Hackers community celebrating 3 years of sharing growth hacks

At the NGH#9 you’ll watch six experienced startup CEO’s or marketeers share their best growth hacks. Things that made their revenue or user acquisition go ballistic, and things they tried that failed. The speakers reveal all the details so you can try it at home – and avoid the pitfalls.Including Q&A’s with the speakers and great networking!

About Techfestival

This September, Copenhagen will be home to 15,000+ people exploring a new, progressive agenda on technology.One week filled with 100+ conferences, summits, dinners, art installations and concerts, Techfestival’s goal is to break down today’s most complex questions into real talk and tangible experiences.

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