Techfestival Meetup: Nordics vs. Israel - lessons and opportunities

September 6, 2017

Wednesday 6th September, come check out this awesome Techfestival meetup where we'll be talking startup ecosystems in the Nordics versus Israel.

Israel is known for its deeply innovative and fast-moving startup scene. Some 1,400 startups get created every year in Israel and the country boasts 94 Nasdaq-listed – the country with the second most companies registered – companies, which have an aggregate $70 billion billion market cap.


While the Nordics have built massive multinational companies, the region is not yet known for a dynamic startup scene, similar to Israel. However, Israel is not known for building big companies, as many exit early or are sold to international giants, and the country has can learn from the Nordic ability to build persistently and patiently companies that dominate their respective industries.