Techfestival Meetup: AI as the next UX frontier

September 8, 2017

Join us on the morning of Friday 8th September for a special workshop exploring AI as the next frontier of UX. Here's what to expect, in their own words.

This meetup is for everyone curious about getting an insight into what AI can be and how to design experiences for AI

In this meetup Topp will share some of the insights and perspectives gained from working with AI, IoT, data driven design and chatbots. Participants leave with insights around the potential of AI, and some of the complex challenges when designing for them.

Three main areas to be explored:

The User Experience: What are the experiences we aim to create?Algorithms & Data: What are algorithms, and how do they together with data impact how we design?Flexible Design: How can we design for constantly evolving content, and contexts?

Workshop participants will get to work hands on, testing out ideas for how to add value to existing services and products via AI.


09.00 – 09.10: Coffee and a light breakfast will be served09.10 – 10.00: Talk by Topp10.00 – 12.00: Workshop in designing for ai


About the organizer

Topp is a Malmö based design and innovation company that helps companies shape the new.