Zero to Traction: Growth Special!

May 24, 2018

We're teaming up with Fast Track Malmo for Zero To Traction: Growth Special - a cosy event aimed at early-stage startups looking to take their first steps in growth. 


Why? Articles about how [XYZ] startup hit $1m ARR in 4 months are inspiring but for most early-stage teams there’s not much they can apply. Those articles also usually don’t mention the 99 other experiments they tried and failed before hitting gold ;)


What to expect: 

1. Templates, smart hacks and learnings from building and backing 11+ companies including Pleo, Duuoo, Kontist & Son of a Tailor. 

2. An overview of how we approach growth with our early-stage startups at Founders, processes you can use to build a growth system from scratch and an intro to the tools we like using best.

3. Concrete case studies of experiments that have worked brilliantly and some that have failed miserably, plus plenty of time for questions!We have some spare spots, but would like to make sure the event stays relevant for early-stage teams.


Apply for a spot if that sounds like you! 

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