We are an Evergreen Fund

This simply means that all our activities are based in one company - Founders A/S - which has an infinite horizon - it is not meant to be dissolved at any time, and we will not operate via any other funds.

We work without fixed time frames with an objective to reinvest proceeds into new or existing businesses. We do not pursue exits for our portfolio companies unless they make strategic sense.

Advantages of an evergreen

  • Investors pay no management fee – only operating costs – no incentives for us to pump up AUM.
  • It fosters more healthy decisions based on long term growth and profitability versus quick flips.
  • We have no conflicts and distractions of periodic raising of other funds.
  • Investors buy  “not just the eggs but also the goose”, i.e. our startup studio and all its contained know-how.

Founders is financed by three investors, which perfectly embody the traditional business building values we aspire to instil in our companies.


21% IRR

During the past 8 years, we have spent DKK 559m on building and investing in 25 companies of which 13 are still alive, and 5 hereof have received investments from renowned external investors.

Value created vs. money spent

What is the value of the portfolio we have built? One indicative – and conservative - valuation method is to book our portfolio according to invested amounts, writing down amounts to zero when a company fails and writing up to market value companies which receive investments from external investors.

When applying this principle, the portfolio is worth DKK 926 million providing an overall ROI of 21%. We deem this highly satisfactory and a sign we are on the right path.

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