Each company has its own story. Most product ideas are born internally, from the Founders core team or our hackers and entrepreneurs in residence.

We also partner with early stage teams working on a problem we are passionate about. When that happens we act as true co-founders, putting our platform to work and providing hands-on help across product, growth, recruiting and all other critical areas in the early days of a company's life.

A platform of experts

When you build a company with us, you work directly with our core team for the first 12-18 months. You also become part of a network of 100+ amazing people from different teams, backgrounds and nationalities across the portfolio.


From pre-concept workshops and user research to obsessing over visual details, we're with you every step along the way.

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Hack! Learn! Share! From Slack to lunches to lazer quest nights and meetups, our dev family is tight.

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Once you’ve built it, you need to tell the world! We help you position, pitch and push your company.

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Finance & legal

It ain’t fun, but we gotta do it. From budgets to paperwork to incorporating, we get you set up.

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This is one of the toughest jobs for founders. Find and recruit talent via our network and processes.

How to build a recruitment system from scratch
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Latest team publication

Our Process

We believe in testing new ideas fast by building prototypes. We always gain valuable knowledge from prototypes — even the ones that we decide not to move forward with. We fund all projects for the first 12–24 months.

Our Process

Building is part of generating ideas. We believe in launching early and iterating fast. We fund all products for the first 12–24 months.

We work hands-on on product strategy, design, development and distribution, and help the founders scale to independent companies when they gain traction.


Explore a problem, identify unmet needs and define areas of opportunity.


Come up with different solutions (angles) to approach the problem.


Build, pitch and throw away fast. The first idea is always wrong.


Iteratively build a real product that a first set of customers use, pay for and love.