Founders Talks: Nathan Benaich on AI + the Future of Work

Apr 21, 2017

You can now catch talks from events at Founders, even if you couldn't make it on the day! We're making talks available as videos with the audio playing over speakers' slides, so nobody has to miss out.

First up is Nathan Benaich’s talk from ‘How AI Will Shape The Future of Work’ which you can watch/listen to here!


For those of you that missed it, the event saw us teaming up with the good people behind Nordic AI to host a cosy evening of talks, drinks and lively discussions about how artificial intelligence will shape the future of work earlier this year. He talks about: 

👉🏽 Why he believes AI is the next electricity
👉🏽 Why we should be going long on AI, investing all the time and money we can on building companies in this space
👉🏽 How products and services will change
👉🏽 What areas of AI are needed to get us there

You can follow him on Twitter @NathanBenaich and should definitely check out his awesome newsletter here for analysis of artificial intelligence and machine learning news from the technology industry, research lab and venture capital market.

Stay tuned! 

This is the first of many talks we'll be sharing from events at Founders HQ so that all the awesome talks people give at our events can live on beyond the day itself! Look out for: 

💡 Engineering AI products for the future of work  — Henrik Brink, co-founder/Director of Engineering at 

💡Teaching AI about human knowledge — Ines Montani, co-founder at — The bottleneck in AI is data, not algorithms. But how do we get data and knowledge from humans to ML systems? What will the future of data collection look like? And which skills and strategies do we need to improve the process and make our products useful?

💡 AI & Ethics — How AI and automation will affect society — Hampus Jakobsson, founder, angel, Nordic Makers

With love, from Founders Events xx