Fresh post! Startup recruiters: Put down that CV and read these 5 things instead

Jan 9, 2018

Our latest post on Founders Fieldnotes takes us back to the topic of recruitment. Check out Talika's recommendations for what you should be reading if you want some inspiration!

Startup recruitment: we laugh, we cry, we question our life choices.

The truth is, even the most experienced of us need inspiration every now and again. That’s why we’re kicking off 2018 with five articles/sites that helped strengthen our hiring toolkit.

I know, I know. With ten years’ experience recruiting for Google, Skype and Palantir I initially thought this kind of thing was a waste of time too. But no matter how experienced you are (or think you are! 😉) you might learn something new...[Read More]

A little about us

Founders is a startup studio. We partner with incredible entrepreneurs to build products and companies that improve how people and organisations work. Our current portfolio includes PleoDuuooKontistSon of a TailorMaguruLifeX & tools including Walkie.

This article is the latest resource in our series of pieces designed to help out founders/early-stage teams with one of the hardest jobs they will ever do: hiring the best people for their startup. You can also check out our playbook: Blood, sweat & talent: How to build a recruitment system from scratch — built on everything I’ve learned along the way, plus all the wins and mistakes we’ve made hiring 100 awesome people from 20+ nationalities to Copenhagen and Berlin across the Founders family.

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