Introducing! A startup community playbook for people relocating to Copenhagen

Jun 22, 2017

We are super excited to share, a startup community playbook designed to help new arrivals to Copenhagen get on their feet fast — unveiled at CPHFTW Townhall #12!

We’re also mega thrilled to add our friends at #CPHFTW and LifeX as community partners and hope to add many more of you soon!

Having moved here from London last October myself and with people from more than 20+ nationalities working at Founders, we know moving to a new job, city, social circle and culture (not to mention weather system) can be a lot to handle when you first get here.

That’s why we put together a playbook full of hacks, tricks and advice we’ve picked up across the Founders family bringing people to Copenhagen over the past four years.

AKA… “145 mistakes we made so you don’t have to”. 🙈

We say, less getting frazzled with paperwork and feeling like you don’t know what you’re doing, more time cycling round the city, quaffing delicious beers and gobbling smørrebrod!


Read the whole thing over on our Medium channel.