We are a startup studio. We partner with incredible entrepreneurs to build products and companies that improve how we work.

Our mission

To be the best possible co-founder for ambitious entrepreneurs on the journey from Zero to Traction.


Founders not just funders

We build companies we want to exist in the world with our own hands. We are driven by passion and conviction. We don’t see our companies as “bets”, but as visions we want to realise.


We don’t  sit back and wait for the next monthly update. We do what entrepreneurs do - all day every day - building products, running campaigns, closing sales, recruiting talent. You are more likely to find us sweating on a product update than at a conference.


Entrepreneurs put all their eggs into one basket and don’t have a portfolio to optimise. We like to think like that: we focus on only a few opportunities at the time and do everything we can to make them work. We will never say “come back when you have traction”. Our motto is: “let’s build this together”.

Zero to traction

We don’t define ourselves by the investment we make (seed or pre-seed) but by the stage we work in. We start from zero and we do whatever we can to take to hit traction. It can take 12 or 24 months, if the opportunity is there we have the stamina to endure.

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Jakob Marovt

Jakob is working on Cuely at Founders after previously working with several B2B SaaS companies in Copenhagen.

I’ve worked in several early stage startups. What attracted me to Founders was the opportunity to work on new ideas that might turn into companies - from scratch. No existing codebase, no bugs … but also no customers. It’s entirely up to you to shape the product and actually realize some of the products that you’ve wanted for so long to exist in the world.

Jakob Marovt

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