Son of a Tailor

Made to order T-Shirts, custom-fitted to every customer, with a superior look and feel and a durability that will dramatically increase the lifespan of the product.

From the very beginning, Son of a Tailor set itself the goal of producing the best t-shirt in the world, where “best” means more than just design, or fabric, or fit.

Most of the clothes we wear today come out of a global mass production and distribution system.
This has helped make clothing affordable and widely available, but it has come at a cost.

Today, the clothing industry is a global mass waste producer.

By introducing customisation at scale, Son of a Tailor is reimagining how clothes should be produced and distributed.

Zero to traction

  • May 2014

    Son of a Tailor is launched as a Kickstarter campaign.
    Jess partners with Founders with the mission of producing the best t-shirt in the world together.

  • 2018

    Son of a Tailor passes the milestone of 100,000 t-shirts produced and growing.

  • 2019

    Son of a Tailor attracts DKK one million+ in crowdfunding on Kickstarter for its Zero Waste Pullover.

  • 2020

    Son of a Tailor raises DKK 47 million Series A funding from eEquity, Founders and previous investors.

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In doing so, Son of a Tailor is showing that there is a better way to make clothing, leading to supply chain efficiency, increased sustainability, and building a new bond between consumers and producers.

Meet the founders

Founders Stories – Meet the team stitching a sustainable future for Danish fashion design

Son of Tailor is co-founded by Jess Fleischer, previously at eBay with a background in supply chain and manufacturing and Andreas Langhorn, who previously founded a visual media production house.

Andreas Langhorn

Jess Fleischer

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