Whether it's a bank for freelancers, a way to kill the pain of expenses or reimagining life in cities, we are always on the look out for opportunities to improve the way people live and work. Meet the companies have had the great fortune to co-found and invest in so far.

The first banking app exclusively for freelancers.

Financial empowerment for shift workers. (Formerly Butter)

A simple spending solution for your company.

Maguru provides a simple solution to market your business online.

The email client that protects your focus.

The future of fertility treatment.

Snappcar helps you rent a shared car in your neighbourhood.

The world’s first online t-shirt tailor.

Reduce neck pain anytime, anywhere.

Enables lawyers to do less robotic work.

Duuoo is a continuous performance management tool.

Your landing pad in a new city.

The future of children's savings.

Training the next generation of software engineers in Europe.

Track your reading and discover your next favourite book.

The future of sustainable weight loss.

Simple business finance for SMEs.

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