Employee Handbook

First up, a huge welcome from everyone here.

We can’t wait to start hacking, sparring and hanging out with you.

We also know that taking on a new role, workplace and maybe even city is a lot to juggle. Here’s the skinny on life and work at Founders to get you on your feet.

Your first days

Spend your first days meeting everyone and getting in the swing of things at Founders: make yourself at home.

Get chatting

to people at the snack stand, coffee machine and waiting to plate up in the lunch queue.

Settling in

we’ll make sure you get the chance to meet everyone at Founders HQ and our co-workers working remote.

Meet the Family

we share Founders HQ with our younger portfolio companies - get to know what problems they're solving and who you share an office with


is served around 12 each day. We like to eat together in the lunchroom or out on the terrace looking out across the rooftops.

Brand new to CPH?

check out our  playbook to get you on your feet (or bike!) in no time movingtocph.com

Take your time

settling in and ask anything you want. There are no silly questions and we were all new once.


We share each others’ ups and downs, give honest feedback (even if it’s painful) and celebrate each win as if it’s our own. There’s always a friendly ear, time for a cup of coffee or company for a strong gin if you ask for it.

Take part in our events

present something you built this week at Beer, Cheers, Peers, sign up to one of our regular community meetups or organise your own thing - the space is yours.

Join the conversation on Slack

‘Founders’ is where we talk just Founders stuff, ‘Founders Hill’ is for the global Founders family and everyone working at Founders HQ. We'll introduce you, say hi!

Connect with fellow designers, marketers and developers across the portfolio

Slack is your rolodex for connecting with your peers.

Talk to people from other teams

you work with some amazing human beings - say hello to new faces/avatars.

Startup life is stressful

we have regular 1-on-1 check-ins and try to look out for each other.

Good ideas come from anywhere.
Speak your mind - debate keeps us fresh.

How we work

You have the space, freedom and resources to do your thing exactly how you want to do it. Here’s an idea of how we like to work at Founders.

Be thoughtful

when it comes to people's time.

Your hours are your own

so when you get your work done is up to you, but most people are at Founders HQ between the core hours of 10 and 4.

Remote working

means if you want to work from home, a cafe or South America for a while we’ll make it work.

Feeling unwell

or got an appointment? Just let your team know, stay home and get well soon.

Take care of yourself

want to go for a run to blow off steam, sleep late or get out of the office to clear your head? Do it.

Take care of each other

or "pas på hinanden" as the Danish phrase goes - because while it’s getting easier to start a company, it’s still insanely hard to make one succeed.


are always welcome at Founders and family always comes first.


We’re a social bunch. We love hosting dinners, breakfasts and talks. Our goal with events is to bring great entrepreneurs, investors, designers, developers and product people together to have interesting conversations, share best practice and get inspired.

Communities + meetups

We have a lovely space in meatpacking and we like to share it

Host your own events

We share our expertise, time and experience to help anyone at Founders to host their own events

Founders events

A chance to dig into technology we’re excited about, meet new people and make us think

Regular Events

We also have a schedule of recurring remote online and mixed reality community events taking place for Founders folks


Step away from your screens and spend some time talking to  people in real life.

Family Breakfast

Where we dive into learnings from Founders co-founders and catch up over delicious food and hot coffee every few months.

Beers, Peers & Cheers

Show off what you’ve built, get feedback and connect with your company building peers

Friday bars

Sometimes themed, sometimes karaoke, always fun.

What we believe in

Our values are what make Founders what it is. We actively use them as a compass for decision making.

Always be curious

Devote time to explore

Understand the why and share your experiences

Be the best at getting better

Founders is what we make of it

Be Proactive

If something doesn’t work, suggest solutions and volunteer to implement them

Take responsibility for your own professional development, Founders will support you!

Be proud and humble

Work as passionately on other people’s ideas as on your own

Check your ego at the door

Acknowledge that you are part of something bigger


Don't optimise for short term gains

Don't get caught in the hype

Build lasting companies, not exit strategies

Discipline makes us better

Trust, follow and contribute to improving our processes

Don't sit down waiting for inspiration, build something

Prioritise ruthlessly

Be bold and ambitious

Start with a vision

Don't be afraid of attacking large problems

There is no win and no fail, there is only make

Founders HQ

This is your space to make, do and play.

Want to work from the sofa? Go for it. Need to lock yourself away to focus for an hour or two? Do it.

There are meeting rooms that can be booked, small conference rooms, a meditation room and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Treat it nice, tidy up after yourself and have fun.

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